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YOO is a collaboration of ideas, the experience of the world’s most celebrated designer, Philippe Starck, matched with the vision of property entrepreneur John Hitchcox. These two leaders in their field have come together with a single ground breaking concept, to harness the creative diversity of Starck, with the innovative buildings developed by Hitchcox. Some people dream of living differently. YOO makes it happen.

Philippe Starck is not only the most renowned designer of our times but also the most versatile. With the vision of improving people’s lives through design he has created iconic destinations and has turned everyday items such as a humble lemon squeezer, into a work of art. Philippe Starck designs homes, hotels and restaurants in the same way a director makes a film. He develops scenarios that will lift people out of the everyday and into an imaginative and creative mental world. YOO inspired by Starck draws on his wide ranging talents to create living spaces that are unique, thrilling and inspirational.


Introducing Istanbul’s new axis of design-led living and lifestyle. Offering two soaring architectural towers on the cutting-edge of technology, a choice of YOO Inspired by Starck apartments and styles, and all the amenities and services you could ever wish for, all located within 20 minutes of the airport. G gives you the freedom to live, the
freedom to love, the freedom to be you.

G offers you a world of amenities so your every need will be satisfied without ever leaving the elegant confines of the development. Immerse in the on-site spa, indoor and outdoor pool by YOO Inspired by Starck, or enhance your health by design in the elegant fitness centre, squash courts and basketball court. And not just for the young at heart, children at G enjoy a?children’s playground and dedicated Kid’s Club. Everything you need at your fingertips, for the smartest of Istanbul’s urban dwellers.

The Nature palette is for those who love to live with fresh air, blue sky, the smell of rising sun, purity and simplicity. This style draws its inspiration from the widespread and deep routed desire of city dwellers to bring nature into the urban environment. The colours and materials are drawn from a gentle spectrum of natural hues: pale, sun and sea bleached wood, and sand and pebble-grey mixed with soft green.

Culture encapsulates YOO’s passion for appropriating the most beautiful and exquisitely produced objects and ideas from the past, and placing them alongside the most amazing designs of today. The result is an intriguing mix with a captivating tension. Rooted in richness and boldness, the Culture palette has a powerful sense of history, but is always looking forward.

  • عنوان Istanbul
  • مدينة Istanbul, اسطنبول
  • بلد Turkey, بلد تركيا

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