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About Istinye

Istinye is a coastal district located on the Rumeli side of the Bosphorus, in the Sarıyer district of Istanbul. It neighbors Yeniköy to the north and Emirgan to the south. The district is settled on the coastline and slopes in the north and northwest of Istinye Bay, one of the biggest bays of the Bosphorus, and is a very old residential...

Public Transportation In Istanbul

Istanbul stretches over 5,000 km ² therefore moving is not always easy because it is one of the most congested cities in the world. There is currently a major project taking place in the city in order to develop public transport in Istanbul. This project mainly consists of the development of the Istanbul metro and in the connection between the two continents. The first step of this project was...


Why Turkey ?

According to the statistics of 2018, Turkey is the 17th biggest economy with a GDP exceeding 849 Billion Dollar, Together with Turkeys strategic location which is providing a bridge between 3 continents is also known to be on one of the most important trade routes. The main objective for Turkey is to enter the top 10 economies by 2023, especially from the beginning of the 2000s Turkey has exhibited a...

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