Record Increase in Turks' Foreign Real Estate Investments

 May 21 2024

In recent years, there has been a great increase in real estate investments of Turkish investors abroad. In this blog post, we will discuss the reasons for this trend, which countries are preferred and what to expect in the future.

1. Increase in Foreign Real Estate Investments of Turks

Current data for 2024 show that Turks' foreign real estate investments have reached record levels. These investments, which reached 2 billion 86 million dollars with an increase of 163.7% compared to 2023, continued to increase in 2024 and reached a total of 2 billion 315 million dollars in the period April 2023 - March 2024.

Graphic: Foreign Real Estate Investments of Turks (2020-2024)

2. Reasons for Foreign Real Estate Investments

Economic security and investment opportunities are among the main reasons why Turkish investors turn to real estate investments abroad. Economic and political conditions in Turkey push investors to look for more attractive opportunities in international markets.

Main Reasons:

  • Economic Assurances: More stable and secure investment opportunities in international markets.
  • Investment Opportunities: Profit potential in real estate markets in foreign countries.

3. Countries Preferred by Turkish Investors

Turkish investors intensively purchase real estate, especially in countries such as Greece, Portugal, Italy, Spain and England. Investment opportunities and advantages in these countries are attractive to investors.

Preferred Countries and Reasons:

  • Greece: Golden Visa program and affordable real estate.
  • Portugal: Similarly, Golden Visa program and high rental income.
  • Italy: Investment opportunities in historical and tourist areas.
  • Spain: Tourism potential and high rental income.
  • UK: Stable economy and long-term investment returns.

4. Decline in Real Estate Sales to Foreigners in Turkey

Foreign investor statistics for recent years show that real estate sales to foreigners in Turkey have decreased. The reasons for the decrease in interest from foreigners include earthquake risk, increasing prices in dollar terms and increasing the financial limits required for citizenship and residence permit.

5. Future of Foreign Investments and Expectations

Forecasts regarding foreign investments of Turkish investors in 2024 and beyond continue positively. Trends in the international real estate market require reconsideration of investment strategies.


6. Things to Consider When Investing in Real Estate Abroad

It is important to get legal and financial advice when investing in real estate abroad. Each country has different taxes and regulations, so it is necessary to know the legal requirements of the country in which you will invest.

Things to pay attention:

  • Legal Consultancy: Be familiar with the legal regulations of the country in which you will invest.
  • Financial Advisory: Learn about taxes and other financial obligations.

7. Tips on Foreign Real Estate Investment for Turkish Investors

Choosing the right country and real estate is important for the long-term returns of the investment. Investors need to closely follow the dynamics in international markets and make strategic decisions.


  • Research: Do detailed research on the country and region to invest.
  • Consulting: Get legal and financial advice from experts.
  • Strategy: Develop long-term investment strategies and follow market trends.

In this article, we gave detailed information about the increase in foreign real estate investments of Turkish investors, the reasons, preferred countries and future expectations. We aimed to help investors make conscious and strategic decisions with information about things to consider and investment tips when investing in real estate abroad.


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