Mindoza Villa



$ 1.990.000
The project is planned on 14500 m2 of land. With environmental awareness, the creek, cactus garden, olive trees and acorns, natural rocks, existing wells were preserved.

This natural flora is combined with the landscape of Mindoza houses, giving a very special green texture. Each stone house is planned in a different understanding that includes nature and landscape with its own swimming pools, garages, hobby areas, open living areas and inner gardens in a garden of 1000-1500 m2. Homes in Mindoza are thought to be so that you can live in the same comfort in all seasons. In the campus, 3000m2 landscaped gardens and pavilions by the stream are common areas.

Stone buildings, with their extraordinary architecture, were planned as two blocks as a daily living unit and bedroom units, instead of the traditional monoblock building system, and were combined with a very special, semi-open, all-wooden temple roof covered lobby terrace area with a fireplace, connecting these two blocks.

The houses were planned in accordance with today's modern life needs, but with an understanding that is synonymous with local architecture. The buildings are designed in a livable comfort in summer and winter with central heating and cooling systems. Mindoza houses are located near the old Karakaya, the symbol of Gümüşlük, at a point that embraces the magnificent sunset view.

In its location, it has an extraordinary architecture that carries the traditional values ​​of the region and displays rustic features with its interior and surroundings. It was built entirely of natural stone and wood. Each stone house: has a gross usage of 380 m2. Open terrace usage is 112 m2. Net closed areas: 248 m2 Open pool: 70 m2 Net Garden usage: 500 m2 Parking lot: 2 vehiclesBodrum Mindoza
ID : 25360
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6 Bedroom 5 Bathroom 355 sqm Area Location Open on Google Maps


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