Monthly Cost of Living in Turkey

 Eki 13 2021

What is the monthly cost of living required to live in Turkey? What are the costs of electricity, water, natural gas, dues and utility bills for a standard family of four in Turkey?

Monthly Costs in Turkey

Apart from your standard expenses, of course, you also have variable costs according to your preferences. Your lifestyle is that part of your standard expenses.

While the average monthly costs in Turkey amount to 5000 TL, this price may increase a little more with some living opportunities. According to today’s dated exchange rate in Turkey, this cost is around 500 dollars.

Turkey, like other European countries, is transferred to the lessee in terms of energy, gas, water and electricity costs. Invoices in Turkey come in the name of the tenant. If you are a resident of the property, it will still be in your own name.


Natural gas, electricity, water bills in Turkey

When you get your residence ID in Turkey, you can make these expenses on your behalf. After these documents are signed, you can take all these expenses in your name and pay your expenses either by bank or from many different payment points.

Monthly Cost of Living in Turkey
Monthly Cost of Living in Turkey

Required invoice documents in Turkey:

Owner’s meter number (Installation Number)

DASK insurance of the property owner

Rental agreement if you are a tenant, TAPU if you are an investor and a landlord

Your Passport or Identity Card

Your phone number

Deposit amounts for your subscription fees

With these documents, go to the nearest electricity, water and natural gas offices. Sign subscription agreements with your documents. After these procedures, authorized persons will come to your home and activate your transactions.


Water bill in Turkey

The municipality of the region provides your water use in Turkey. The names of water offices in Turkey vary by region. Like ICSI.

Deposit for water is about 200 TL (Approximately 22 dollars). You can pay your subscription fee in advance for two months or in installments if you want. You can also add it to your bill in monthly installments. The average water bill for a family of 4 in Turkey is 150 liras. (about 16 dollars)


Electricity bill in Turkey

Monthly Cost of Living in Turkey
Monthly Cost of Living in Turkey

The state provides electricity in Turkey. TEDAŞ is the authorized institution. Generally, 12 to 15 kilowatts are ideal for most rental homes. It is also needed for more of its consumption. You can select this kilowatt at the time of subscription.

Carefully adjust and consume your electricity use through the Turkish Electricity Authority (TEDAŞ). And if you pay your bill on time, it will not be interrupted.

It is also provided by private electricity companies in Turkey. The names of the electrical offices vary depending on your region. Most of them take your subscription fee in cash. This is for the subscription fee and in case of closure your fee will be refunded to you.

If you include private items such as air conditioners in your consumption, your bills will increase a little more. Class A refrigerators, Special screen TVs, Comprehensive computers increase your bill. But this increase will make a serious difference if you use it too high. Apart from that, a standard family of four pays the same prices on average.


Natural Gas Bill in Turkey

Monthly Cost of Living in Turkey
Monthly Cost of Living in Turkey

Again in Turkey, as in other expenses, there are gas service providers with different names. Like IGDAS. These are also named according to the region. The telephone number for natural gas repair and other natural gas issues is 187.

The average cost of the natural gas bill for a family of four in Turkey is 400 lira. (Approximately $45). In the summer, these bills are reduced to the point of almost no payment. When the winter is very harsh, you pay your bill a little higher for a period of 3 months. Of course, your m2 and the time you keep the gas on will affect this price.

There is another expense for the cost of natural gas in Turkey.


Monthly costs of invoices

The costs of invoices in Turkey are calculated monthly. For each invoice, your usage for that month is measured. It is calculated according to your electricity, gas or water consumption for the month and sent to your address. This invoice also contains your due date. You must pay your bills by this time. Some institutions may stop the service if the payment day passes, but this situation may continue sometimes.

Monthly Cost of Living in Turkey
Monthly Cost of Living in Turkey

Bill payment points in Turkey

In Turkey, you can go to the institution where you receive service to pay the bill in the traditional way. You get your queue number and when it’s your turn, you make the payment and get your receipt. However, on crowded days, this method can sometimes take several hours. Of course, the easiest method would be to make your payments through the bank. You can have your bills connected to automatic payment with instructions from each bank.


Invoice with PTT offices in Turkey

PTT is a state institution with many branches in Turkey. It is a large postal company that offers fast and quality service. It serves every day of the week.


Bill Payment by bank account in Turkey:

Of course, it is the easiest and most practical method. You can pay by credit card or cash with an automatic payment order in any of your bank accounts. No commission is charged on your credit card payments.


Other Bill Payment Options in Turkey:

Bank branches

Mobile phone


Private offices that accept credit card and cash payments

Monthly Cost of Living in Turkey
Monthly Cost of Living in Turkey


Internet bill in Turkey

The average monthly cost of internet use in Turkey is between 80 and 200 liras. (About $10 to $22.) In this range, your options may be over 25 and 100 MB. Service providers in Turkey also include channels. Providers such as Netflix, Exxen, D-Smart, Blue Tv, Digiturk, Superonline, Telekom, Apple TV provide you with internet as well as special channel broadcasts, match broadcasts, international channel services. Among these companies, you can choose the budget and content that suits you and have it connected. There are internet and private providers in almost every region of Turkey.

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