Dubai House Prices | Comprehensive Guide 2024

 Mar 26 2024


Average housing prices in Dubai are approximately $760,000 by 2024. The city's real estate market has shown significant growth and development in recent years. It is stated that especially in the first nine months of 2023, 116,116 new real estate transactions were recorded and the total value of these transactions is approximately 429.6 billion Dirhams. Thanks to investor interest and Dubai's economic growth, real estate prices are expected to increase by 5% to 7% in 2024.


This reflects the diversity of housing and abundance of luxury options in Dubai. Areas such as Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina and Dubai Hills offer varying prices with different housing types and levels of luxury. These prices may vary depending on location, property type and luxury level.


Another important thing to consider when buying a house in Dubai is the constant new real estate projects in the city. The city plans to roll out 120,000 new units over the next few years. This situation both offers new opportunities to investors and affects the supply-demand balance in the market.


Average House Prices by Regions in Dubai

House prices in Dubai in 2024 vary greatly depending on the region and housing type. Here's an overview of average house prices in some popular areas:


Palm Jumeirah: Houses, especially villas, in this luxurious area are sold at very high prices. The average price of villas is around 32,734 dirhams (approximately US$8,912) per square meter. Apartments on Palm Jumeirah are more affordable.


Business Bay: The average price of apartments in this area, which is the business center of Dubai, is 14,574 dirhams (approximately USD 3,967) per square meter. This area is especially popular with buyers and renters who want to be close to the business community.


Dubai Marina: House prices in Dubai Marina vary depending on the location and luxury level of the area. Prices generally start from AED 478,000 (approximately US$130,000) and go up to AED 20,000,000 (approximately US$5,450,000).


Dubai Hills Estate: House prices in Dubai Hills Estate vary depending on location and level of luxury. Here, studio apartments start from AED 719,000 (approximately US$196,000), while six-bedroom houses are priced as high as AED 95 million (approximately US$25.86 million).


Factors Affecting House Prices in Dubai

There are many factors that affect house prices in Dubai. These factors are important to consider when determining the price of a home in an area. Here are some main factors:


Location and Area : In Dubai, different neighborhoods and areas can make huge differences in house prices. For example, homes in prestigious areas such as Palm Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina are generally more expensive. In addition, proximity to the city center or access to certain tourist attractions and services may also affect prices .


Property Type and Size : The size and type of houses (villa, flat, studio flat, etc.) also affect prices. Larger and more luxurious residences are generally priced higher .


Facilities and Features: Homes with modern facilities and high standards of features may command higher prices. For example, features such as private swimming pools, gyms, security services and views can increase the value of the home .


Infrastructure and Accessibility : Infrastructure and accessibility factors such as proximity to metro lines, shopping malls and educational institutions can also affect prices. Infrastructure developments, such as the opening of new metro lines in Dubai, can increase the value of surrounding housing .


Market Dynamics: General market dynamics such as economic conditions, supply and demand, investor interest, and government policies can also affect prices. For example, policies such as visa facilitation for foreign investors in the purchase of real estate by the Dubai government may affect demand in the market and therefore prices .


These factors are the main factors that play a role in determining house prices in Dubai and are factors that potential buyers or investors should consider in their decision-making process.


The Process of Buying a House in Dubai

The process of buying a house in Dubai consists of a series of steps and there are some important points to consider, especially for foreign investors.


Steps to Buying a House in Dubai

1) Determine Your Budget and Research Financing Options: Your home buying process begins with determining your budget and examining financing options, if necessary. Some banks in Dubai offer mortgage opportunities to foreign investors.


2) Work with a Real Estate Consultant: Working with a real estate consultant who is knowledgeable and experienced about the Dubai real estate market will help you make the right decisions.


3) Search for Suitable Properties: Search for properties that fit your budget and needs. Consider factors such as location, facilities, transport links.


4) View and Evaluate the Property: View the properties you are interested in on site. Evaluate the property situation, neighborhood and surrounding amenities.


5) Make an Offer and Negotiate: Make an offer on the property you like. It is common to bargain on price.


6) Review and Sign the Sales Contract: Once you reach an agreement, carefully review the sales contract and follow the necessary legal processes.


7) Complete the Payment and Title Deed Procedures: Make the payment and complete the title deed transfer procedures. A title deed transfer fee is usually payable for foreigners purchasing property in Dubai.


Things to Consider When Buying a House in Dubai

Legal Compliance: Real estate transactions in Dubai are subject to certain legal requirements, especially for foreign investors. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to legal compliance during transactions.

Location and Future Projects: Consider future developments and planned projects for your chosen location. Ongoing or planned projects in some areas may affect the value of your property.


Management Fees and Other Expenses: Take into account extra expenses such as apartment and site management fees and maintenance costs.


Market Research: Conduct extensive research on market conditions and prices. Learn about average prices and investment potential in the region.

Investment Purpose and Rental Potential: If you are purchasing the property for investment purposes, evaluate its rental potential and return.



Buying a house in Dubai requires detailed planning and careful consideration. It is important to get professional support and conduct comprehensive research at every stage of the process.


Living in Dubai and Its Advantages

Dubai lies at the intersection of modern lifestyle and cultural diversity. This cosmopolitan city hosts expat communities from around the world, thus offering a rich social and cultural environment for newcomers. The language barrier is almost non-existent; English is widely used for business and tourism, and Arabic is preferred in official transactions. Dubai's strong economy and dynamic job market offer attractive opportunities, especially for experienced professionals in fields such as IT, finance and international business. Additionally, with its lack of taxation system, high salaries and low living costs, Dubai becomes an economically advantageous option for many people .


The comfort and ease of daily life make Dubai especially attractive for families. The city has very high standards in terms of security and has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Health services are developed and open to everyone, the education system is of international standards and diverse. Dubai also improves the quality of life with its wide and modern housing options and various entertainment and recreation opportunities. Year-round sunny weather and beaches make the city especially ideal for outdoor activities and sports .


However, despite these advantages that Dubai offers, it is also important to consider some disadvantages. For example, during the summer months, the city's climate can be quite hot and humid, which limits the time spent outside. Additionally, religious and cultural norms and strict laws may require an adjustment period for Western expats. The bureaucracy encountered in administrative procedures can also be challenging at times. High housing and education costs are among other factors that increase the cost of living in Dubai .

Therefore, those considering moving to Dubai are advised to be careful about adapting to the city's lifestyle and adapting to local norms.


How to Become a Dubai Citizen?


It is possible to access detailed information about the process and requirements for obtaining Dubai citizenship, citizenship through real estate investment and residence permit costs.


Dubai Citizenship Transition Process and Requirements

Dubai citizenship may be possible for foreign nationals who meet certain conditions. In this process, investors, doctors, experts, inventors, scientists, intellectuals and people with creative abilities can apply. There are different requirements for candidates in each category.


For example, an investor must own property in the UAE, doctors or specialists must have at least 10 years of experience in the relevant field, and must have letters of recommendation from certain international or local organizations. Candidates are expected to swear allegiance to the UAE and undertake to comply with UAE laws. It is stated that citizenship is granted by the relevant federal authorities that approve the candidate's application .


Dubai Citizenship Through Real Estate Investment

It is possible to obtain a long-term residence permit by investing in real estate in Dubai. This is accomplished through a program called the “Golden Visa.” According to this program, investors who invest in real estate worth at least AED 2,000,000 can apply for a ten-year Golden Visa.


Applicants must make the investment entirely with their own capital and have valid health insurance for themselves and their families. In addition, it is possible for spouses to apply for a visa through jointly owned real estate. This way, investors can live, work and study in Dubai .


Residence Permit Cost in Dubai

The cost of obtaining a residence permit in Dubai may vary depending on the type of visa chosen. Some visa types, such as the Golden Visa, may require a certain level of investment. There are various fees for applying for a visa, these fees generally range between AED 1,000 and AED 5,000 .


In summary, the process of acquiring Dubai citizenship and obtaining a residence permit requires certain investments and fulfillment of conditions. Since each candidate's situation is different, it is important to obtain detailed information about the process from official sources or professional service providers.


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Dubai is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates and the capital of the emirate that bears its name.


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