Kemer Country

 Şub 26 2024

Kemer Country

Kemer Country is one of the most prestigious and sought-after residential areas in Istanbul. Located in Göktürk, Kemerburgaz region, this special community offers a unique living space by blending the beauty of nature with the comfort of modern life. In this article, we will discuss various aspects of Kemer Country in detail.


Geographical and Social Characteristics of Kemer Country

Kemer Country is located on the European Side of Istanbul, close to the Belgrad Forest, surrounded by natural beauties. This region attracts attention with its proximity to the city center and at the same time being intertwined with nature. From a social perspective, Kemer Country; It hosts various activity areas such as a golf course, horse riding club and walking trails. Additionally, events and social clubs organized within the community offer residents a rich social life.


Kemer Country Real Estate Market and Investment Opportunities

Kemer Country prioritizes luxury and quality. The properties here stand out with large living spaces, exclusive designs and high standards. When evaluated in terms of investment, Kemer Country; It is seen as a region that preserves and increases its value thanks to its location, prestige and opportunities it offers. The region is ideal for those looking for property for both residential and investment purposes.


Kemer Country Golf Club

Located within the natural landscape of Istanbul , Kemer Country Golf Club stands out as a leading destination for golf enthusiasts and those who want to experience entertainment and luxury together.


Kemer Country Villa For Sale

Villas in Kemer Country generally have large land areas, private gardens and some have private pools. These villas offer large and spacious living spaces where modern architecture and natural beauty are blended. These villas, where security, privacy and luxury are at the forefront, are a perfect option for families and those looking for a high standard of living.


Kemer Country Su Evleri
Discover the unique residence for sale in Kemer Country Su Evleri! The name of this magnificent project is Kemer Country Su Evleri and it offers you the peace of nature, away from the chaos of the city. It combines size and comfort with its 5+2 residence type.


Kemer Country Flat For Sale

Kemer Country also stands out with its modern and luxury apartment options. These apartments are usually located in newly constructed buildings and feature modern designs, spacious interiors and are made using high-quality materials. Flats are ideal for smaller households and are a suitable option for those considering it for investment purposes.

Kemer Country Prive

I am happy to guide you on your journey to find your dream home. Kemer Country Prive, located in Göktürk district, one of the most prestigious areas of Istanbul, just a walk away from Kemer Country Club, offers you all the features of modern life.


Quality of Life and Community

Kemer Country means not only owning a house but also living a quality life. Within a gated community, there is easy access to health centers, educational institutions and shopping opportunities. Social events and clubs organized within the community strengthen neighborhood relations and offer residents a rich social life.


Kemer Country, as one of the most prestigious regions of Istanbul , offers unique opportunities for both families and individual investors. It is an ideal choice for those looking for a peaceful living space intertwined with nature . Properties built to high standards, rich social amenities and a strong community structure make Kemer Country not only a living space but also an investment opportunity. Owning a property in Kemer Country opens the doors to a quality life.


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