Elite Concept

  • $200,000
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Fikirtepe, Istanbul

Elite Concept

Fikirtepe, Istanbul
  • $200,000


  • Residence
  • Property Type
  • 3
  • Bedrooms
  • 2
  • Bathrooms
  • 137


Opposite the scenery, at the center of a pleasure…

The islands in row on one side, surrounded by the endless blue of the Marmara, the eye-catching silhouette of the historical peninsula on the other side, and Çamlıca on another side… Wherever you look at here, another silhouette and splendid view of Istanbul awaits you. The 90% glass panoramic facade architecture allows watching this scenery without interruption.

Beyond expectations, in the middle of convenience…

When you are not at home, regardless of whether you are about to arrive home or anywhere in the city, whether you are out of the city or halfway around the world, you can control your home as you wish with a single touch of your finger. To do this, you need nothing but a smart phone or tablet PC connected to the internet.

At the center of shopping, in the middle of needs…

Without bustling around with shopping bags in your hands, without wasting time in traffic jam… A little shopping, a little walking and a little talking in the café, and you are at home after a brief walk after your shopping. This is exactly the shopping concept that awaits you in Elite Concept… In the shops on the bazaar avenue, located at the grounds of the blocks, all needs and brands from clothes to foods, from pharmacy to market, from bank branches to ATMs will come together.

Beyond entertainment, in the middle of activity…

It’s good for you to know that the only thing you cannot find in Elite Concept, wherein you can arrive in anywhere thanks to its central location, thus you can find everything you need without difficulty, is the times you will be bored to death. The reason is very simple. There are so many social activities to spice up your life in Elite Concept. It’s up to you to choose the one for which you make more time than the others…

Far from stress, in the middle of peace…

When was the last time you walk barefoot on the grass, your eyes closed? When was the last time you listen bird tweets mixed with sound of rippling water? When was the last time you feel the indescribable peace in the sound of the wind blowing through the leaves of the tree you rest in whose shadow? If you live in a metropolis like Istanbul, it is natural that you do not remember them. So is your yearning… With its 75% social facilities and landscape area ratio, decorative pools with rippling water, running and walking tracks, Elite Concept is virtually a gift from nature to Istanbul in the middle of the city…

Does considering the nature ensure saving?

Here, the answer is obviously yes! The need for water to irrigate all landscape areas and to use in the toilet tanks in Elite Concept will be met by the gray water treatment system treating the rain water as well as the water used in bathrooms, kitchens and lavatories. Besides, solar energy will be used to meet the lighting and hot water needs of the common areas through solar panels. Saving to be achieved through such applications will naturally ensure a reduction in the estate maintenance charges. And obviously, you will have a share in a more livable future.

  • Address Fikirtepe, Istanbul
  • City Istanbul
  • Country Turkey


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