10 Beautiful Places in Turkey

 Kas 24 2021

1- Istanbul – One of the top 5 cities in the world and the most economic, cultural and historical center of Turkey.

Istanbul, one of the most rooted historical cities in the world, was also the capital of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires.

Every part of the city is history, fascinating atmosphere. It is full of valuable historical ruins such as palaces, mosques, churches, monasteries, monuments, city walls and many more that have preserved their history from the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods. Hagia Sophia, Suleymaniye mosques, Topkapi Palace and Blue Mosque are eye-catching with their appearance and splendor.


2- Bodrum – A popular harbor and a wonderful holiday city

Bodrum has its own unique, charming, attractive luxury luxury holiday homes, sparkling beaches and magnificent landscapes.

Bodrum hosts various cultural events every year. It is a settlement that smells of history, where the breezes of Greek mythology are common.

There are many popular hotels in Bodrum, accommodation and properties that you can invest in. Even the surrounding population is mostly British citizens.


3- Ölüdeniz, Blue Lagoon – A paradise dominated by magnificent colors

The Blue Lagoon in Ölüdeniz is one of the few fascinating places in the world covered with water. Water is a stunning, gorgeous shade of turquoise. At the same time, the lagoon is a clear simplicity filled with marine life.

Diving, swimming, canoeing and swimming in the lagoon give you the chance to view turtles and seahorses. Have your equipment with you. The Blue Lagoon is a protected private site. You can enter for a very reasonable fee. There are also many free domains available.


4. Butterfly Valley, Dead Sea – One of the Discovery Sites in Turkey

It is one of the fantastically beautiful places to visit in Turkey. It is truly a stunning destination, with stunning scenery, pure turquoise waters and a sandy beach between the rocks (accessible by boat from the Dead Sea or Fethiye). It is shining brightly.

A special place for the thousands of butterflies living in the trees. That’s why this unique place to visit offers both spectacular views. Butterfly Valley is one of the most photogenic beach locations in the country. Its nature is unspoilt and protected area.


5. Kas – Beautiful Beach Town

The perfect view of the sea surrounding Kaş and the glamorous state of clarity. There’s the little shops you can browse on the beach, the sweet air in a small town.

Paragliding is highly preferred here. Great opportunity to watch the sunset on the mountain. Patara Beach and Xanthos ruins are in Kas. With its diving opportunities and its perfect underwater nature, Kaş is one of the few clear waters in the world.


6. Fethiye – Deep Blue Sea and History

Fethiye is a traditional Turkish town around a beautiful natural harbor in a bay. It is a center for scuba diving and sailing in a magnificent nature.

Fethiye has traditional culture and is a great opportunity for travelers. One of Turkey’s most famous beaches is the Dead Sea in Fethiye. A perfect lagoon beach with turquoise waters


7. Dalyan, Iztuzu Beach, – Swimming Beach and Sea Turtles

One of the cleanest places in Turkey for humans and one of the rarest creatures, it is also the nesting area of ​​Carettas. Caretta carettas come every year and nest on the beach. May and September are the perfect time. You can get the opportunity to see these cute creatures moving towards the ocean.

The nesting areas of the loggerheads are protected. Again, this is one of the special protection areas in Turkey.


8. Side – Endless beaches and Ancient Greco-Roman ruins

Turkey, Side is a very different place. The city is a large-scale resort. but with noisy tourists and a lot of confusion, Side is the extraordinarily relaxed seaside town. Accommodation is very pleasant.

The Taurus Mountains attract people with their Roman statues. There are magnificent seas and beaches on both sides of this Peninsula.


9. Köprülü Canyon – Wooded canyon and park

A perfect beauty can be found in Köprülü Canyon. Located in the national park, Korulu Canyon offers hiking, cycling, canoeing and river raft opportunities.

If you want to relax under the stars or enjoy adventure, Korulu Kanyon is the right address. The length of the canyon is around 14 km. You can enjoy the water or take a walk on the rocks surrounding Köprülü Canyon.


10. Temple of Hadrian – Ancient city

This ancient and mystical temple contains a relief of Tyche, the goddess of victory. There are four Corinthian columns supporting the arch.

Its antique quality and setting takes you back in time. In front of the temple there are pedestals with inscriptions. Pedestals of statues of various emperors. Inside the temple is a human figure above the door. It stands with ornaments from Medusa and acanthus leaves.

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