Unirealchain: NFT Meets Real Estate

 Kas 01 2022
The idea of blockchain has changed and improvised in almost every other sector, such as healthcare, finance, or real estate. Tokenization and making the payment and buying of real world assets has become the topic of today.It has also opened up great investment and earning opportunities every sector but real estate specifically. After the huge success of the NFT ecosystem this exciting season, Unirealchain is now bringing buying the luxury real estate to the NFT market. Buy and sell real estate in a decentralized proprietary NFT marketplace, access all data on all luxury properties and keep track of new hot offers.



Unirealchain UNR has provided a solution that responds to modern, unrestricted new way of real estate investment needs on a global scale. Some of the key features of the exciting real estate purchasing platform are:

Asset digitization:

Each luxury real estate project will issue several tokens corresponding to the value of the underlying property. Investors will be able to purchase property with as many tokens as they want, each corresponding to a separate share of the purchased property.

Fractionalizing to invest:

Retail investors will have easy access to high-value luxury properties thanks to the blockchain.


Tokenization is the new frontier of Crowdfunding, where transparently, everyone can hold a portion of speacial and luxury projects or private properties.

Instant transactions:

All real estate purchases and luxury estate transactions will be completed instantly on the Unirealchain platform.

Lower Fees:

Sellers and purchasers of the luxury estates will have lower listing fees, connection fees, and other costs thanks to a distributed platform that will readily connect people with properties all over the world.

Digital Signature:

The use of digital signatures will allow a contract between a seller and a buyer, or an asset owner and Unirealchain, to be implemented swiftly, safely, and lawfully.

Public and Transparent:

All project purchases are made through smart contracts and saved on blockchain. Therefore, it ensures fairness, transparency, and safety.

Unirealchain is a Pioneer of Real Estate NFT Marketplace

Unirealchain — UNR is a pioneer of the Real Estate NFT and tokenization marketplace that offers a range of liquidity solutions to keep the ecosystem lucrative. The ecosystem consists of several key features and solutions. It consists of an investment and trading platform called UnirealEx, a cryptocurrency wallet called UnirealWallet. It also consists of a common platform UnirealSwap that combines NFT and Defi in a single place.

UnirealEx offers potential investment opportunities for investors. Every token sale of properties and projects will be through smart contracts. For the listing of a project on UnirealEx exchange, there will be thorough due diligence to check if the project is compliant with its local law and the standards of UnirealEx. The platform will offer multiple pairs: BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, UNR/USDT, and more project NFTs with other cryptocurrency pairs.

The crypto wallet on the other hand is integrated with all major coins and blockchains: Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC-20, BEP20, SOL, DOT, TRC-20.

How Unirealchain Ecosystem Works?

At UnirealPortal, users can read through the project’s documentation like information, location, status and cash flows.

By collecting information from the traditional real estate marketplaces system will analyze and provide real estate investment recommendations for each area. The real estate data collection and analysis are updated hourly, so users enjoy almost real time data.

During the first 2 years, while Unirealchain focuses on improving the collection and rich portfolio of real estate data, users can use the services completely free of charge. Then, once all the data collection is completed and the connection to the government real estate portal will be completed as well, Unirealchain will consider the implementation of user fees.

Before being listed on the Unirealchain platform, all projects have been carefully evaluated by Unirealchain’s team of experts. After that, the project owners will sign a contract to digitize and the list the project on UnirealEx, in the next step, investors go through the following steps to invest in the real estate NFTs:

  • Register and verify account and personal information on Exchange platform (KYC & AML).
  • Choose an NFT project that has been screened by the real estate team.
  • Select the number of tokens that you want to buy.
  • Receive dividends and profits from the project while locking tokens in the wallet on the platform. Profit payment is fully automatic after the end of the financial year with UNRS token —price stabilization token will be at a value fixed at $1. The minimum profit that n aims to share with investors is 5% annually. This condition cannot be granted but when the steady state will be reached, this result will be realistic.

Profit from real estate investment on  platforms is driven by two sources: real estate price increase and leasing. The project partners with brokers to reach more clients.



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